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Debt Recovery

Our Debt Recovery team is always on hand to provide commercial, cost effective advice focused on bringing about the best possible outcome for you.

We provide fixed fee debt collection for a range of clients across a number of sectors, and we can assist at all stages of the debt recovery process, from sending the first demand letter through to court proceedings and enforcing judgments.

We offer:

  • Fixed fee debt collection service
  • Issuing of court proceedings to recover debt and dealing with contested claims
  • Obtaining country court judgments
  • Enforcement Proceedings
  • Issuing bankruptcy and winding up petitions
  • A tracing service to locate debtors.
  • Debt profiling.

We have extensive know-how in recoveries on bad and distressed debt and we are especially proficient in areas such as Mortgage Shortfall, Commercial Debt, Hire Purchase Finance and Debt Purchase Portfolios. In these fields we have demonstrated our ability to boost businesses net collections. We do not overly complicate matters; the focus of a successful debt recovery unit is the balance between pre legal negotiation coupled with the use of cost effective legal action where necessary and prudent to do so.

Our Methods – we provide a complete collection service for our clients, involving interaction of both our Pre Legal and Legal teams. We utilise disciplined and persuasive collections techniques without compromising a client’s reputation. This is enhanced by our Case Management System to engage prescribed workflow processes and which captures a variety of reporting data dependent on client requirements. We regularly review our processes to adapt to changes in the sector and legal developments.


  • Pre Legal Collections – our highly experienced collections team use a combination of both solicitor’s letter and skilled telephone negotiation to maximise recoveries. We can call on an extensive library of collection approaches, strategies and workflow processes to recover all forms of debt. Alternatively, we can customise the process to suit a client’s needs. Particular successful in pursuing Barrister fees and unpaid rent for Landlords.
  • Legal Collections – we identify cases which merit legal action and when instructed to do so we would Issue proceedings in County Court or High Court, Insolvency Proceedings and Winding up Petitions.
  • Bulk Assignments – we accept and process volume debt instructions quickly and efficiently.
  • First Contact Service – we issue letters on our headed paper requesting the debtor to contact the client directly, particularly successful chasing overdue rent, insurance premiums, gym membership fee and unpaid utility bills.

We our Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and are Lexcel Accredited. We fulfil the FCA policies governing debt recovery practices and procedures, this includes “Treating Customers Fairly”. We also directed by our clients “service level agreements”, therefore we take care to maintain our client’s compliance rules and regulations.