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The essential HR advice for all SMEs

As a small company grows the human side of the business can get forgotten amongst a desire to sell more and grow profits. However, the people within a business are a vital aspect of development and success. A well thought out HR agenda can be the difference between building a great team or a defective team which translates into the success of the business.  Take note of the following elements of HR advice:

3 Top tips

1) Recruit the right people – In a small organisation it only takes one person to bring the group down and cause moral to dip. It’s therefore imperative when recruiting to consider the dynamics of the team and whether a new person will fit the culture. That said, you shouldn’t recruit someone because they’re exactly the same as everyone else in the team. Diversity is the key to developing a well-rounded service to customers.

2) Simple measurements – a business that is growing may not have the time or the capabilities to conduct complex reviews in to the performance of their people. However if no measurements are taken then there can be no awareness of improvements or problems. Small to medium companies should always take the time to measure and manage sickness absence, staff turnover and customer complaints.

3) Engage staff – employees who are engaged are happier, healthier and deliver improved business performances. To achieve this, organisations should ensure that staff receive regular one to ones, are invested in both financially and emotionally and are given a voice to share ideas and issues. This helps employees to feel they are part of a common vision with everyone working towards the same goal.

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