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Criminal Defence

Bowden Jones Solicitors has an experienced team of Criminal Litigators and Higher Court Advocates with a vast experience across a broad range of Criminal Law matters ranging from minor road traffic offences through to large scale international drug conspiracies. Our team specialise in all areas of Criminal Defence work including the representation of white collar and corporate clients and have substantial experience in dealing with the defence of professionals accused of a variety of offences including neglect at care homes, child neglect, child pornography and misfeasance in public office including public officials and law enforcement officers.

Bowden Jones Solicitors has been awarded a Criminal Franchise by the Legal Aid Agency which enables us to undertake all aspects of Legal Aid work in addition to our ability to represent our private and corporate clients. We also have considerable experience in dealing with all Prison Law matters.

Such is the wealth of expertise and knowledge of Criminal Defence Solicitors work, Bowden Jones is one of a short list of elite legal firms who are members of the Legal Aid Agency’s ‘Very High Cost Case Panel’ and who are able to deal with only the most serious and complex of cases.

Our excellent reputation and success in dealing with all Criminal Matters, including serious crime and appeal is largely due to the wealth of technical legal knowledge, experience and professionalism of the Criminal Law Team. Since the firm was founded in 2003, the Criminal Law Team has been led by Stephen Jones and Huw Bowden, both renowned as two of the Country’s leading Criminal Law experts.  In addition, Stephen and Huw are both members of the Fraud Lawyers Association. In 2015, Scott Bowen joined the Firm, enabling Stephen and Huw to further develop and expand the Serious Crime and Cyber Law Teams.

Scott Bowen is the Welsh Representative for the Law Society’s ‘Access to Justice Committee’ as justice remains a core belief in our profession and business. The advocacy expertise at Bowden Jones Solicitors is also recognised by our appointment as the Royal Mail’s ‘Advocates of Choice’ for their prosecutions in the South Wales area.

We offer a 24 hour emergency service and are committed to providing access to justice for every client that we represent.

Contact our Criminal Defence Solicitors Team for a consultation on 02920 484550 or email us at enquiries@bowdenjones.co.uk

Alternatively contact our out of hours service on 07771 568525

Meet the Team

Stephen Jones

Name: Stephen Jones

Tel: 02920 484550

Email: sjones@bowdenjones.co.uk

Job Title: Managing Director

Huw Bowden

Name: Huw Bowden

Tel: 02920 484550

Email: hbowden@bowdenjones.co.uk

Job Title: Director

Sian Brain

Name: Sian Brain

Tel: 02920 484550

Email: sbrain@bowdenjones.co.uk

Job Title: Solicitor

Leah Griffiths

Name: Leah Griffiths

Tel: 02920 484550

Email: lgriffiths@bowdenjones.co.uk

Job Title: Solicitor

Rhiannon Palmer

Name: Rhiannon Palmer

Tel: 02920 484550

Email: rpalmer@bowdenjones.co.uk

Job Title: Solicitor

George Shelley

Name: George Shelley

Tel: 02920 484550

Email: gshelley@bowdenjones.co.uk

Job Title: Solicitor

Richard Hall

Name: Richard Hall

Tel: 02920 484550

Email: rhall@bowdenjones.co.uk

Job Title: Solicitor

Sarah Carter

Name: Sarah Carter

Tel: 02920 484550

Email: scarter@bowdenjones.co.uk

Job Title: Legal Assistant

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