Our charity

Cardiac Risk in the Young

Bowden Jones Solicitors are pleased to announce that the charity we will support for 2017 is C-R-Y (Cardiac Risk in the Young).

C-R-Y uses its resources to research into young sudden cardiac death, provides a national screening programme to detect heart conditions in young people, raises awareness and provides information on the risk of undetected heart conditions and proves a bereavement support service. At a local screening which took place recently a number of youngsters were given the unexpected news that they had heart abnormalities which needed further investigation. Out of approximately 200 that were screened , 2 of those children are now expecting to have life saving heart surgery this year. Without the screening process provided by CRY the outcomes for these children could have been very different.

Please help us to support C-R-Y and the amazing work they do. We know first hand that their work does make a difference.

If you would like to find out more about CRY or give a donation, then please visit www.c-r-y.org.uk.

"I was involved in a very serious road accident where I was then wrongly blamed for the death of my close personal friend. Without the constant support, help, advice and representation by Bowden Jones Solicitors I don't think I would have ever been able to get through the nightmare of the criminal proceedings."

Mrs A Weston, Cardiff